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Pimple Popping Video

This is a different technician popping the pimples than those we’ve seen recently. I’m not sure who it is and I hope it’s not a...

Pimple Stress Relief

Loan Nguyen relieves our stress with her new pimple extraction video. The popping work is fantastic but she could do a better job with her...

Blackhead Removal with Tools

Dr. Lalit Kasana is great with the blackhead popping tools. He uses the thick popping tool which really gets in there and gets all the...

Pimple Squeezin’

Loan Nguyen is a pimple popping Queen! There’s some great blackhead and pimple extractions around this patient’s nose and on their entire face. My biggest...

Acne Treatment Galore

A lovely acne spa treatment, submitted by one of our followers. This is a smaller channel with some really good videos. We’ve been getting so...

No, just no!

This is NOT how you pop a pimple. In fact, they seem to be trying to dig it out rather than squeeze it!😭 How is...

Big fat blackheads

There are some juicy and fat blackheads in this video starring Loan Nguyen. Try watching this on an iPad or bigger screen, you’ll catch yourself...

Push those blackheads out!

Dr. Lalit Kasana uses one of my favorite blackhead popping tools in this video of blackhead and pimple extractions. It’s amazing how he can get...

Blackheads, baby!

We’re back with Loan Nguyen and her wonderful blackhead pops. Her famous gloves are covered in the contents of zits and blackheads, as she pokes...

Comedones Removal

Dr. Lalit Kasana tackles thousands of Comedones in this extraction video. You won’t believe how much junk can come out of these pores! The man...
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